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Who ever said forgiveness was easy must have never had to forgive anyone.

For most of us, forgiveness can be very difficult. It’s difficult because we don’t understand what forgiveness truly means. We think, If we forgive them they get away with what they did. They get off scott free and we get stuck with the pain. Well this just isn’t the case.

There are at least 5 MYTHS ABOUT FORGIVENESS.

1. If I forgive them, it means that I’m weak.

Truth: If forgiving didn’t require strength, you would have done it already. Forgiving takes practice, patience, and courage.

2. Its an active process. It is no way a weakness

Forgiving them sends the message that “it’s ok“ to do it again. Truth: forgiving is not the same as condoning. When you forgive, you’re not ignoring the problem. In some instances, forgiveness doesn't even include reconciliation. It’s about forgiving the hurt that was cause by the act.

3. Some offenses are simply unforgivable. Truth: Forgiveness has no exception, exclusion, or conditions. If it does, it’s not true forgiveness.

4.They don’t deserve to be forgiven. Truth: If someone's mistake doesn’t deserve forgiveness, then neither will yours. We are all deserve forgiveness.

5.Forgiving is a total waste, because they won’t change. Truth: Forgiveness is never wasted. Forgiveness inspires gratitude and gratitude opens the door for authentic change.

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