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Care for Your Mind, Body, and Soul.

Quite frequently potential clients seek a Christian counselor in order to feel safe and understood while focusing on their primary reason for seeing a counselor. Are you a Christian and looking for a sanctuary to process stress, marginalization, or rejection from church? Maybe you’re looking for a Licensed Christian Counselor to support you through your mental health journey.  You are far more than a body and a brain. You are a soul. Our bodies and our souls feel the effect of sin.  Christians need support to heal just like everyone. 

I help clients in Lakewood Ranch and the surrounding areas navigate through these concerns in a safe, therapeutic space.

For those seeking a Christian counselor specifically because their primary concerns are directly related to their faith, here are a few areas I can offer support: spiritual abuse and spiritual trauma counseling; marginalization by your church community; anger toward God or the Church; staying healthy while questioning  your faith.

Christian Counseling: About Me
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